14th February 2018

Simply put: Valentine's Day is a fun day to celebrate love! Whether beginning or rekindling, here are a few ways to add some sizzle to your style for the biggest date night worldwide! 1. Love, always- Every relationship has its ups and downs, but the ...

7th February 2018

“That kid should definitely pursue modeling!” – Braden Dior, professional photographer It is easy to see why sixteen-year-old Lauren Williams (model name: Lulu) is the envy of so many of her peers: simply put, guys want to date her, girls want to be her, and ...

26th January 2018
Weekend Slay

EM STYLE – Weekend Slay


A lovely reader brought up a common wardrobe challenge for the modern businesswoman. When the weekday wardrobe is on-point, but the weekend wardrobe needs a boost, what to do? To give 2018 your best yet, stay tuned! Balancing glamour with being taken seriously in the ...

22nd January 2018
Styled by You

EM FASHION – Styled by You


Putting a chic spin on the boldest styles only takes a few steps- and your innate creativity. To make a statement all your own, stay tuned! 1. Rocker chic- For the everyday rockstar, take the two dominant colors in the tartan and play them up ...

Sophisticate II

New Year’s Sophisticate


Each year is welcomed with its own set of resolutions, but few see the light of May. If you want to keep exquisite style all year long, read on to find out how! 1) Baroque is romantic and effortlessly chic all at once. The use ...

19th January 2018
weekend getaway I

EM FASHION – Weekend Getaway


Career trips do not have to be all work and no play. These are great opportunities to show executives that you have what it takes to represent the company on a global scale. For styles to see new sights in, stay tuned! 1. Impressing the ...

17th January 2018
Decency Ladies

Beauty in Decency


The Teen’s Church of RCCG City of David Parish is keeping it chic- with decency! The annual Genesis Fashion Show focuses on showing youth and fashion fans alike that you do not have to degrade yourself to look good and be seen. Just being your ...

10th January 2018

He thinks you're being coy, but you really have no idea what to wear. It happens! Read on for outfit inspiration from your favorite stylist. 1. It actually worked out well because he realizes you are truly hard to get (men love a challenge; football ...

9th January 2018
Fresh Style II

New Year, Fresh Style!


A new year is full of possibilities and your wardrobe should not be left out! Here’s how to enjoy 2018 with fresh style! 1. Galactic dreams- Aiming high means having out-of-this-world style! Don’t be afraid to share your passion with all things technical and cosmic ...

21st December 2017

You didn’t think I forgot about the guys, did you? The Teen’s Church of RCCG City of David Parish has not forgotten about you, either! Their annual event showcases handsome gentlemen who know they do not have to follow the bad trends to be accepted. ...