There is nothing like eyeing the latest hair trends, but within the flurry of colors and choices comes an issue. Knowing the perfect blonde for your skin tone continues to be a challenge for many fashion lovers, from the red carpet to the local office. Here are a few quick yet beneficial tips to ace the color game.

Short answer: it depends on your undertone, not the latest trends. You can wear what you please, but a major key to finding the best blonde (if you want to wear it) is knowing how cool or warm your skin tone is. Bear in mind, foundation colors may have more overall warmth than needed, so focus on your bare skin tone instead of labels.  No matter how light or deep the color of your skin, all skin has either cool, neutral, or warm tones. For those who have been searching, here’s how to discover your perfect blonde!

perfect blonde
Ayeesha Curry

Cool tones are blue-based; a big indication is if silver looks better against your skin than gold. Cool blonde tints like ash, ice, pearl, and platinum will provide the ideal radiance for cool complexions such as Lupita Nyong’o. Sounds ironic for coolness to be radiant, right? But consider diamonds and stars at night; silver really can glow.  Golden, bronzed blondes will conversely “wash out” your appearance. (Stylist tip: this also goes for makeup highlighters.)

perfect blonde

Speaking of bronze, warm toned blondes are perfect for warm-toned skin which looks better in gold versus silver. Do you see the pattern? Please don’t confuse brassy hair with radiant blonde; invest in typically purple-colored shampoos like Shimmer Lights to maintain a style-worthy appearance. Shades like butterscotch, caramel, rose gold, and strawberry blonde will bring light to your face, much like jewellery. On the other hand, cooler tones will downplay the natural glow in your rich skin. Celebs like Beyonce’, J. Lo, and YouTube influencer Megz of ULoveMegz are perfect examples of warm skin tones. For warmer complexions who are a bit color-shy, take a mini-plunge with chestnut brown highlights and gradually lift the color.

perfect blonde

Neutral skin has both warmth and coolness in color. Pinecone blonde or neutral wheat blonde tones look gorgeous on neutral-toned celebs like Ayesha Curry and Rihanna. This can be an advantage, wearing trendy blended colors with more ease, but beware of colors that are too far on either end of the spectrum; they can easily overwhelm the complexion. But don’t think of this as limiting to your style. Knowing your best colors is a wonderful way to make more successful hair color choices (and shopping trips!)

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