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Exquisite Man Interview With Dr Ishak Lawal

Dr Ishak Lawal is the Executive Director of End Cervical Cancer Nigeria Initiative(ECCNI), an NGO with overarching goal of ensuring that Nigeria will be on the path to eliminating cervical cancer come 2030.
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EMAC Foundation is advocating for cervical cancer prevention via the SMEARIT CAMPAIGN

The SMEARIT campaign is a comprehensive approach to raise more awareness for cervical cancer prevention, screen, treat people with pre-cancer cells and work towards eliminating cervical cancer as a public health problem.
Damon Albarn

Taylor Swift savages Damon Albarn after he claimed she does not write her own...

Taylor Swift has hit back at the British musician Damon Albarn via Twitter on Monday, after he claimed that she doesn’t write her own songs in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.
Tobi Igbenoba is Silk - Star lands role as Silk in the hit Africa Magic series Dilemma

Tobi Igbenoba is Silk – Star lands role as Silk in the hit Africa...

Tobi who holds a B.A in Theatre Studies from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana and a Masters degree in Journalism and Mass communication from Sikkim Manipal University, has a solid commitment to entertain and educate through her professional, fun, emotional and adventurous performances.
worst Vogue covers

‘This is one of the worst Vogue covers EVER’: Issue featuring nine black women...

The cover of British Vogue‘s February issue featuring nine black models has been labelled ‘offensive’ on social media as critics claim bad lighting and poor styling hid the women’s features and made their skin blacker to cater to the ‘white gaze’.
Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Styling your Body Shape Series- The Inverted Triangle Body Shape

We are still going through Body Shape Series. Today we are discussing the Inverted Triangle Body Shape
Leggings as Office Wear

Styling 1 Leggings In 4 Ways

How do you style your leggings?? How do you a pair of leggings to transition from your office to date night with Bae and other events?? Here are a few ideas to help.
Public Relations

Brand Marketing- The Impact of Public Relations on Your Business

In this article, we will define brand marketing in relation to public relations, the benefits of public relations and how brands especially startups can use this digital marketing method to increase their business reach, generate leads and also make more sales
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Travel to Thailand – Travel Hub of Southeast Asia

With a yearly record of over 16 million foreigners flying into the country each year, Thailand remains Asia's primary travel destination for tourists and visitors, as it offers a host of amazing places to explore
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EM Travel Guide- Dubai




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