“I have plenty of style- I wear whatever’s hot right now!” Faithfully following trends does not automatically equal having style. If anything, this typically means adopting someone else’s (or several peoples’) style. For the vibrant beach babe, a cute cover-up and glam accessories are on trend globally and a great way of showcasing your signature style- even when out for a swim!

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Your best style reflects your individual personality, and this is where most clients need help. Most people never figure out who they are…or spend loads of time suppressing their actual style out of fear of what others will say. For the comical starlet, letting your love for cartoons shine is no problem- it shows creativity! Pair a casual tee with a swanky handbag and fly footwear and you’re good to go! (Stylist tip: elevating a casual look is as simple as elevating from sneakers to heels!)

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The things that make people most unique are usually what they fight to hide (because they’re the only one with it, in that unique way). The same way it can happen with features (see this previous article for more details: https://exquisitemag.com/more-on-em/editorials/em-beauty-face-shapes/ ), so many people shy away from buying items they love in fear of what others will say or not looking like everyone else. The romantic, frilly style is emphasized with a lot of detail and flowy fabrics. Soft, muted colors enhance the visually femme appeal.

Truth is, there is nothing wrong with being a dainty girly-girl. If that is your unique style, go for it! A pure white dress and bright floral accessories make a great combination for daytime outings. It is perfectly fine to be a grown woman with an innocent, more childlike countenance. A wardrobe that reflects your appearance creates a cohesive look. Stylists and casting directors know this keenly and select accordingly. There is strength in numbers, but what are those numbers saying? They aren’t saying much if they aren’t inspiring you to be your best self, so resist the urge to blend in! If everyone looks the same, no one is remembered.

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Don’t have time for a long read but want style ASAP? Stay tuned!

BY: StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

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