• The eyebrow is an important part of the face, and following the natural shape of the eyebrows can determine little things like who is taken seriously at the office and/or in their love life.

Each person has a special “facial map” and ladies who use it seldom go wrong. An entire look can be diminished just by eyebrows not being their best.

Eyebrows help prevent sweat, water, and other debris from falling down into the eye socket, but they are mostly used for communicationand expression of emotions.

The three major points of an eyebrow brow meet at the nostril. Drawing too far before or after this point reduces the entire look. High-arching brows on women who need a lower-arch gives an overly-dramatic look. Eyebrows that are heavily drawn and too thick (or thin) in width are not proportional to a natural face and eyebrow shape.

Too dark or light eyebrows also distort the look of face. This is great for dramatic film and television, but often results in women not being taken seriously or being approached with caution in reality.

Your looks are unique, and that’s a good thing! Less is more, so take a gentle approach with drawing eyebrows. Stark lines in eyebrows are visually unappealing. Knowing which eyebrow shape looks best on each client can greatly enhance your success with clientele.

Angled brows “sharpen” a round face, adding dimension and balance. Oval faces need a softer angle to repeat those found in their bone structure. Flat angled eyebrows visually balance longer faces. High arches can make long faces appear longer, so beware if that is something you are not trying to emphasize.

On square-shaped faces, a strong brow repeats the lines while curves visually soften the face. For heart-shaped faces, a low arched eyebrow gives a “natural” appearance and high arches provide a more dramatic effect.

Eyebrows frame the eyes and balance the entire face, making sure your face is beautifully frame.


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