Learning how to style on a budget can be tricky sometimes because budgets are different for everyone; one person’s mega-steal price is another’s pipe dream. But below are tips on how to choose your own style on a budget that should translate to every budget size.

Define Your Style On A Budget


When you don’t know who you are, what you like, or what looks good on you, you can’t shop smart. It doesn’t matter if that dress is #500 or #50,000, it’s a waste of money if it doesn’t make you happy or work with your lifestyle.

Go Through Your Closet.


Before you buy anything, really assess what you already have in your closet. Knowing what you already own helps you cut down unnecessary shopping.

Go Shopping, But Don’t Buy Anything


The best way to define your style is to get clothes on your body. Whether this is spending a day at the mall or at Goodwill, this isn’t a shopping trip but a research trip. Try on trends, a variety of silhouettes, different concepts. Each time you try something on, think; Does it work with my lifestyle? Does it work with the rest of my closet? Does it make me feel good?

Style On A Budget: Owning A Jacket Can Come In Pretty Handy

Be Inspired……Find Inspiration


Go old-school……make a vision board, put items in there that realistically inspire you. Be inspired by what you like – maybe it’s the column of black color, maybe it’s the sleek simplicity, maybe it’s how her ankles are highlighted. Take that, and run with it to other photos that may be a better choice for your life, your figure, your lifestyle.

Keep It Simple


Let’s be realistic, all those ruffles and frills cost money. Adopting new trends require replacement when they’re no longer in style. Wild prints and embellishments are harder to mix and match, dress up and down. If you desire style on a budget, the most chic thing you can do is keep your wardrobe as simple as possible.

Make A List, Double Check


So you’ve defined your style, you’ve analyzed your wardrobe and know some key elements lacking that will create cohesiveness and style. Write those items down and be specific. A black blouse that is a bit silky but the sleeves can be rolled and will look good untucked with my skinny jeans or cream ankle pants, but look nice tucked in with my pinstripe pants, purple pencil skirt, and grey pantsuit. Something that specific will keep you on track so you’re not swayed by a blouse with full sleeves that won’t fit under your suit jacket or a style that doesn’t look good untucked.

Think Outside The Box


Being stylish on a budget takes time, takes research, and takes ingenuity. And most of this needs to take place outside your standard shopping mall. Malls encourage spending, malls make you feel that if you leave without a purchase you have failed, but anyone who is trying to build style, no matter her budget doesn’t shop in a panic or with a deadline.

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