20th November 2017

Lovely Lashes


False lashes have made a major comeback, but alongside trends, comes a need for technique. Get the best lash effects with these simple tips. First things first, natural lashes are perfectly fine. A light coat of mascara is more than enough for a day at ...

Sometimes, you don't necessarily have to wear extra gorgeous clothes. All you need to bring out that simple outfit is a great handbag. Let's checkout some for you. Photo: @shopaholic_bride

18th November 2017

Chidinma just knows how to look pretty, whether on low cut or wearing a weave, she's just so cute. That aside, my concern is this pretty dress she's wearing... Photo: @chidinmaekile

17th November 2017

The Eloy Awards Nominees party was totally lit! The Ayo Van Elmar Fashion cafe literally became the Eloy space. Lol. So much slaying from the nominees and other guests. Checkout beautiful pictures from the event

16th November 2017

Is it.... 1. Red Sexy in The City Cardi 2. Red Make A Statement Dress 3. Red Bella Lace Top Source: @snazzyclozet


From the stable of @bintasagale


Photo: @bintasagale

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I honestly just feel like people do things to the extreme sometimes all in the name of fashion. I mean, as much as fashion has no rule, so you can always add a lil bit here and there to create your style. I personally think ...

15th November 2017

SPANFEST- MY BEAT, MY CITY Sarah Boulos no doubt has successful carved a niche for herself and created a “voice” for performing artists to express themselves via this platform that has not only sustained itself for the past 12 years in NIGERIA but has also ...