Have you been wondering how to find your personal style? You probably have some clothes that look conservative, some that look soft and ladylike, some that look casual, and some that look glamorous.

Would you like to narrow them down to just one style that makes you feel great all the time, a style that you can identify with? Knowing your own style has it’s advantages, and can help you save money by omitting unwanted clothes from your closet. Also, when you find your personal style, it gives you just that extra boost of confidence – knowing that you look great in whatever you have on!

Find Your Personal StyleHere’s how to find your signature style.

Start With Style Inspiration:


  1. Casual Style – This style consists of jeans, tees, jackets and cardigans in a casual, relaxed style.
  2. Boho Style – Do you like 70’s-inspired clothes from brands such as Free People or Lucky Brand?  Then, this style may be for you!
  3. Classic Style – This style consists of essentials that never go out of style…a more dressy look.
  4. Edgy Style – This style consists of clothes that make a statement; like leather jackets, high heels, bright colors, etc.
  5. Romantic Style – Do you like clothes with lace, soft flowy fabrics and feminine designs?  This style may be for you.
  6. Preppy Style – These clothes are tailored, with bright color and fun fabrics.
  7. Glam Style – This style consists of faux fur, sequins, statement jewelry, leather, etc.
  8. Neutral or Minimalist Style – These clothes have neutral colors, like black, gray, white or blush and have simple designs.
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