The challenges of running a business make a lot of people forget about their dreams. Of course, running your own venture isn’t a piece of cake. According to the statistics, provided by Startup Genome Reporting, 92% of startups and business projects fail. This statistic is really astonishing. Every day, on Instagram, we see those successful entrepreneurs, and it’s hard to believe the fact that the reality we live in is much harsher.  If you aren’t scared of the challenges, and ready to work hard, we will be happy to help you. In this article we’ve collected the most useful tools for entrepreneurs. These apps and services will help you to manage your time, organize your business processes, communicate with your employees and much more. One of the tools we’re going to discuss here is a virtual phone number to receive sms. You can create virtual phone number for sms by eSimPlus and enjoy all the benefits of advancing you communication processes.


Electronic SIMs are becoming more and more popular among entrepreneurs. It is necessary to get one, especially if you’re planning to expand your business and get to the international level. Getting a virtual number will allow you to communicate with your clients wherever they are and keep in touch with everyone when you’re on a business trip abroad. The eSimPlus plans are affordable, flexible and available in many countries. You can also get an unlimited number of electronic numbers to manage your professional and business lives.


Dashlane is an intelligent application that can help entrepreneurs achieve the best results from their work. It uses strong encrypted technology to store passwords, credit card information, and other personal data. The app stores your data encrypted, so you can be sure that your digital life is secure. The best part is that Dashlane syncs your data across devices, so you don’t have to learn your passwords by heart. Dashlane also has an award-winning team of security experts who constantly scan the application for vulnerabilities. Even the sharing of passwords with other applications is securely protected.

Scanner Pro

As a business professional, you should be able to efficiently scan and save important documents. With Scanner Pro on your device, you can easily take a photo of any document and convert it into a high-quality PDF file. Best of all, it also has OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which allows you to search in a document and save it as a searchable PDF file. There is also the opportunity to store submitted documents in the cloud for quick access anytime, anywhere. Scanner Pro allows you to synchronize data between devices so that you can create and edit files on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer using iCloud Drive.


Streaks is a useful app for Apple users that helps them build healthy habits that will remain with them forever. As the name suggests, you can track your habits and daily routine with a special to-do list, and as you complete your routine, your line increases. Once you develop the habit, the algorithm creates a new line every day to achieve it. The best thing is to keep track of your progress in one place. Therefore, if you miss a day following your goals, your order will be canceled and go back to zero days. You can also easily measure your daily, weekly, and monthly activity using their interactive graphs.


A free service designed to distribute tasks among employees and track their performance. In addition, Basecamp is not only a convenient workflow management application, but also a means of communication between users. The project management system is extremely simple, but at the same time very efficient. There are tasks, discussions, a calendar and various documents such as profiles, files, wiki pages, and project logs.


A simple yet fascinating idea which was created for real workaholics. It is known that working continuously without taking breaks during the whole day will not do any good. And it can even harm the body. In order to stay effective and maintain good health, it is recommended to take periodic breaks from workflow. The 30/30 task timer has the simplest functionality. You create a task and start a timer. After exactly 30 minutes, the app will notify you that it’s time to take a break. The main idea of the application is to alternate activities during the working day. To maximize the effect of this task timer, you need to make a list of what you intend to do, which is also included in the 30/30 functionality.


Zapier is perfect for those who plan to grow their business. The app can connect up to 1000 different applications and services at the same time, so you can stay connected no matter where you work or what platform you use. You will never miss an important meeting or a call with a client.

Free yourself from calendar reminders to attend a meeting or send a plan to a client. After automatically connecting your apps, Zapier will take care of the business plan for you.


Brainstorming sessions are a great way to come up with common solutions to business problems using a creative approach. The point of brainstorming is to promote ideas and opinions in any form. iBrainstorm is a top-notch business management application because it allows you to organize the creative process while maintaining all the essential conclusions.

It happens that the diagram drawn at the beginning of the meeting gradually turns into something completely different from the original concept. Using digital design, you can get back to the concept that started it all and preserve every valuable idea.

By implementing modern technologies and tools, you can improve your management process, reduce the amount of time spent on manual activities, increase transparency of reporting and business intelligence.

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