Peace Omana is proof that natural beauty always wins. Although grateful for her looks, being pretty is not what she relies on. This brilliant beauty has great dreams to be a blessing to her community and family. As Miss Peace pursues an education and grows into adulthood, having her own sense of style will also take her very far in life. She will know how to enjoy or skip trends while staying true to herself.

Fearless in Fashion by StyleItKell

Peace appears to be a Soft Autumn. Her beautiful features come to life in muted yet warm colors such as cinnamon, indigo, olive, and peach. Even if she didn’t have light eyes, she’d still be beautiful. Her skin is a golden brown/caramel blend that adds a warm glow to her eyes. If she changed her skin color, it would cause her features to appear out of focus and take away from her beauty.
Peace Omana - The eyes have it




Peace Omana

Although she will stun in different hairstyles, her closely-cropped hair allows her cheekbones and overall face shape to shine through. Wearing weave with too much volume would cause visual overwhelm in her entire look. Wearing proportionate hairstyles won’t distract from her looks and cause her beauty to go unnoticed for being hidden. She is a prime example that less is more.

Makeup How-To: Aquamarine Cat Eyes

For soft autumn people, bright contrasting colors distract and overwhelm. Ironically, subtle colours will provide Soft Autumns with the exact power expected from strong hues. For every skin tone, your best colors will bring out the best in you.

Peace Omana shows us you can be humble and still celebrate your God-given features. Light eyes indicate a beautifully diverse gene pool, not illness. Wearing clothing and eyewear that reflects eye color is a wonderful way to enhance personal style. If your eyes change colors daily, depending on your mood, or what you’re wearing, feel free to design your wardrobe accordingly. Makeup that highlights the blue, gold, green, and grey flecks in Peace’s eyes will bring out more of those colors. Purple looks wonderful on green and hazel eyes. Brown eyed ladies rejoice; nearly all colors will look great on you!
For gents with similar eyes, pocket square and tie combos in those colors will bring suits to life in a fresh way. Brown or hazel eyes (originally means reddish-brown) with a hint of gold can benefit from bronze or gold-rimmed glasses.

StyleItKell, beauty and fashion contributor

Photography credit: Revealia Photography

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