Why waste money on faux eye lashes when you can learn natural ways to grow longer eyelashes?

Your lashes are one of your hallmarks of beauty especially when they are long, fluttering and thick.

Some people are born with these gorgeous lashes while some of us are not.

So we are left with finding ways to make our eyelashes look attractive and gorgeous too, right?

Here are some natural ways to grow longer eyelashes:

Green tea wash

Goodbye Lash Extensions - Natural Ways To Grow Longer Eyelashes 1

Using green tea is one of the superb ways to grow longer, thicker eyelashes. To achieve this using green tea, you dip a cotton ball in a cup of warm green tea that has no sugar, then rub it across eyelashes. Green tea helps you maintain healthy eyelashes and is easily one of the best natural ways to grow longer eyelashes.

Lash Serums

Consistent application of serums that have natural ingredients is one step to getting the kind of lashes you want. Although serum helps you achieve thicker lashes, there are varieties of lash serums, in order to get your desired result, use a lash serum that has squalene.

Use oils

Natural Ways To Grow Longer Eyelashes

Different brands of oils like castor oil, olive oil and so on give the right result to your eyelashes. To use the oil effectively, dip a mascara brush in our preferred oil then rub it on your eyelashes from base to tip. Do this in the evening and leave it overnight. Oil helps your eyelashes grow in a healthy manner.

Aloe Vera
Natural Ways To Grow Longer Eyelashes

Aloe vera is rich in vitamins and minerals which is good for the health and allows the growth of new cells. When applied on your eyelashes it refreshes it and helps it maintain its lush and dark look. This is also one of the cheapest natural ways to grow longer eyelashes.

Clean your eyelashes

One of the ways to grow longer, thicker eyelashes is to keep them clean and that includes cleaning them every night. By this, you remove all makeup from the day. This helps you clear dirt particles from your lashes and helps keep them healthy.

Don’t rub your eyes

Natural Ways To Grow Longer Eyelashes

It can be tempting to rub your eyes, especially when you are in discomfort or at particular times of the season when it is just almost impossible not to touch your eyelashes but try to keep your hands off them. Your eyelashes are very delicate. Hence any harsh or rough treatment can cause them to fall off.

Don’t keep extended lashes for too long

Extended lashes are usually glued to your eyelashes and are stripped off after use. It is not advisable for you to keep them on for too long, as they are harmful and increases your chances of not having healthy eyelashes.

Massage your Eyelids

Massaging your eyelids helps stimulate the hair follicles. A consistent night routine of doing this will give you your desired result. When doing this routine, rub gently for about 60 seconds, avoid pressing too hard. This goes hand in hand when applying oil on your eyelashes.



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