Model, photographer, and star student Jadan Crow of Jadan K. Crow Photography is in a league all her own. From maintaining stellar academics to volunteering (and hosting the weekly “Everything Teen Talk Radio Show”, this tenacious teen has a God-given gift for encouraging others to pursue Christ and excellence. Read on for more about this stylish scholar!

Jadan Crow

EM: Thank you for granting this interview! Congrats on your photography showcase at the DeSoto Everything Teen Expo! ( Please share how your passion for photography began.


JADAN CROW: Hello! Thank you so very much for having me and granting me such an amazing opportunity. My passion for photography began when I went to Hawaii for two weeks when I was about eight or nine years old. I had a little toy camera, it was actually my first camera, and it had many cool features. It had filters, little funny face pop ups and things of that sort. When I went to Hawaii, I took pictures of literally everything. Our rooms, the beaches, the sand, the stars, the water. Literally everything. It wasn’t because I wanted the perfect picture, but because I wanted to remember everything there. When I went home and showed my mother and grandmother, they gave me confidence by boosting [complimenting] my pictures. They said the pictures were pretty and that even though some of the pictures were blurry, they knew what I was trying to capture.

Model Citizen : Model and Photographer Jadan Crow 1

EM: You are also known for excelling on both sides of the camera. Do you think modeling can help young ladies and, if so, how?


JADAN CROW: Yes, I do believe that modeling helps young ladies. I was always shy. Shy about my beauty, my talents- just what I had to offer the World. My best friend pushed me to try out and when I did, I was pleasantly surprised. Ms. Xerkell and Ms. Rogers were very kind and encouraging and that allowed me to believe in myself. When I got on the runway, I had to think to myself that I was beautiful. Why would I doubt myself to the point to where I can’t experience a full life? It was crazy, but as soon as I stepped out, everyone screamed for me the entire time I was out. Not only did I realize my true beauty, but I realized the impact of modeling on someone like me who [has dealt with being] self-conscious. Modeling allowed me to believe in myself in all aspects of life and accept myself for both the good and bad.

Jadan Crow

EM: That is powerful! Speaking of modeling, please describe your personal style in three words:


JADAN CROW: Bold, Rebel, and Adaptable.

Model Citizen : Model and Photographer Jadan Crow 2

EM: You have fabulous skin! What is your skincare routine?


JADAN CROW: I loveeeeee to wash my face. I can’t express that enough. Washing your face when you wake up, take a shower, and before bed is so beneficial. After washing my face, I use facial lotion to keep my skin moisturized. As far as the skin on my body, I use lotion that is unscented. I love to stay moisturized, so I have to get the good lotion like Jergens. After showers, I use lotion and lotion myself from neck to toe.

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EM: Although it’s good to take care of yourself, today’s world is heavily-focused on “the perfect selfie” and outward looks. How would you encourage others to live beyond material things?


JADAN CROW: Well the first thing I would say is that looks don’t last forever. And everything basically goes back to this challenging question: “Would you rather be with someone who [on a scale of one to ten] is a 10 on the outside but has an attitude and makes problems or someone who is a 2 but has a good heart, compromises, and will do anything to make you happy?” If you answered, “Be with the 2”, then just make sure you are your own expectations. I mean this in the way of, focus more on the inside than the outside because everyone subconsciously knows that is more valuable. No one wants to be around people who make problems, no matter how good-looking they are.

Jadan Crow

EM: What advice do you have for college students who want to balance academics and a happy life- alongside a popping radio show?


JADAN CROW: Always put business over luxury. The most important things to a being are self-alignment in the way of making sure one’s mental and spiritual health is good as well as making sure business is taken care of. That means making time to study and finish a paper over seeing friends all the time. I also try to use what I call “dead time” as a way to get things done. Like when I am in the car, I use that time to plan out my radio show or ideas for essays. You would be quite surprised how much time you spend doing nothing. I also believe in working smarter not harder, so utilizing time wisely will allow for a good amount of play time. When effort is put in, a reward will be received.


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