EM readers know I love to discuss the benefits of wearing your best colors but there are times that it is not necessarily best.

Say what? Yes, it’s true. One of the prime examples is during socially corporate occasions. In these settings, it is not only about you but showcasing a sense of unity and solidarity. Just like corporate fasts in church, there will be many times in life that require you step beyond self for the better good.

Traditional cloth is one of the most legendary examples of attire that make such a powerful impact when worn in great numbers. According to most color analysis guides, warm hues frequently seen in kente cloth patterns, like golden yellow and orange, are not ideal on cool-toned skin. When it comes to dressing to convey community wealth and affluence, however, they bear great meaning. Clothing is important in sharing messages and unification among groups (key example: kente cloth often showcases significance in warm gold tones, as seen on @saa_dia for @goba_kente).

Traditional Style Stars 1

Igala traditional fabric is another primes example. Well-recognized by its vibrant hues, a person with muted coloring may not own many pieces bearing those same colors, but in the case of weddings and heritage-based events, it is outstanding to see. Emmanuella Photography (IG: @emmanuellaphotography) has done a great job in showcasing this in a lovely Igala wedding of Mr. Onu and Ms. Dinachi.

Beyond the cultural scope, classic patterns can be worn with ideal hues and create a look all your own. As shared in “To the Fifth Power”, houndstooth or checked patterned items exude instant style with minimal effort. Just like stripes and animal prints, these are recognized designs worldwide that can be dressed up or down and simply add pizzazz to any daily style.


Knowing what works best for you helps create greater options in your daily dressing and can inspire new ways to work your wardrobe to its highest potential!

Article by StyleItKell,beauty and fashion contributor

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