It’s been a long week I agree!

Between juggling three jobs to running errands and then also finding time for my personal life; it is definitely beginning to take a toll on me and I imagine just how much it is for you too.

Well this weekend, we would be going into a much-needed self-care mode.

With little to no work, it is just you and these amazing steps or procedures(whichever you decide on) on how to relax this weekend.

Simple Tips On How to Relax This Weekend

1. Take A Nap

5 Simple Tips On How To Relax This Weekend 1

Surprisingly, this sounds weird to some people, I included. But did you know that our minds may be hardwired to shift between sleep and wake more than once a day, even dating back thousands of years, we find evidence of society embracing an afternoon nap? An hour nap on a Saturday or Sunday should restore your body strength to a healthy level. By the way, there are so many Dangers of Sleep Deprivation.

2. Try Yoga

5 Simple Tips On How To Relax This Weekend 2

Still thinking of how to relax? Yoga has been prescribed as a relaxation tool and as an enthusiast, I would be starting with some first-level positions this weekend and you should try some. You can find out more about yoga here.

Here’s a yoga workout video for beginners:

3. Listen To Music

5 Simple Tips On How To Relax This Weekend 3

The universal language- music. Known to cut wedges from culture, religion and even stress
relief. Maybe plug in your earphones and listen to some of your favourite albums or some new relaxing music you haven’t listened to yet. Personally, Chloe and Halle’s album Ungodly Hour calms me down, so that is always my go-to.

4. Activate Airplane Mode

5 Simple Tips On How To Relax This Weekend 4

The only time I do this is when I want to record a YouTube video and need no interruptions, however, I need to bring that sanity with me this weekend. Turn off all notifications and just be in the moment, remember this weekend is all about you.

5. If You Must Work, Try The Pomodoro Technique

5 Simple Tips On How To Relax This Weekend 5
The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s based upon the idea that our minds work best in 25-minute bursts. The technique goes like this: Decide on a task to be done; set a timer for 25 minutes; work on the task until the timer rings; take a short 3-5 minute break, and every four intervals take a longer break (15–30 minutes). This might seem like a task on its own, but if you’re into schedules, this is how to relax.

Bonus Tip!

6. Take A Long Shower

5 Simple Tips On How To Relax This Weekend 6

The bathroom is probably the best place and time you get to escape from society and duties, so why not extend it. Be it with a cold or hot bath, just make sure it is at least 5 minutes more than usual.

Wishing you a very relaxing weekend, remember to take care of yourself!

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