It’s a new year and welcome to 2024!!! Last year we had lots of resolutions, some we committed to and some we didn’t and as usual we go again with the Nigerian drive and passion to make 2024 count. And I can’t help but see the multiple goals from friends and family for 2024, of which I know some might not even get past 1st quarter of the year. Lol. Let’s see some New Year’s resolutions

The Non-church Goers

The last time this set of people went to church was a crossover service and that’s all. We all know they attended this year’s cross-over service.

The Fashionistas

These are the Gen Z baddies and the Alte gang and are ready to take the world by storm. These people will make you feel like you have no fashion sense.

The Ones Who Wants To Japa

These set of people are tired of Nigeria and their last hope is to Japa and they are so proud about it especially Youkay people.

The Gym Bros And Baddies

This set of people wants to pepper us in 2024 with their banging body. Excuse me sir and ma, we know your mission at the gym but we overcome you by the blood this year.

The Ones Who Wants To Go Out More

These are introverts and boring people, and they need to mingle because how will they come out of their shell?

The New Year, New Me People

Every year, these set of people make an A4 paper list of resolutions they will never keep but let’s watch out hopefully this year is different.

The New Year, Same Me People

The unbothered sets. Come 100 new years, these ones will still carry their bad behaviour on their chest and not be concerned.

The Dietitians

These ones ate to their stupor during the festive period and are determined to shed all the weight gained miraculously in a short time. We wish them good luck!

Lastly The Business Starters

These ones are ready for any kind of business as long as they bring in money. Come 2024, they are millionaires.

So What category do you belong to? Anyway whichever one best describes your situationship, Exquisite magazine celebrates YOU! Happy New Year!

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