Sometimes, what we need are little bits of advice that go a very long way. In this article, career Coach, Glory Edozien, takes us through 4 work tips for gaining visibility in our sectors.

Work Tips For Gaining Visibility In Your Sector

1. Speak Up At Meetings

Work Tips: 4 Tips For Gaining Visibility In Your Sector With InspiredByGlory 1

Contribute and share your ideas at meetings with your peers and superiors. You never know how useful they could be. Don’t be the person who nods at everything said.

2. Network

Work Tips: 4 Tips For Gaining Visibility In Your Sector With InspiredByGlory 2

Meet, talk and connect with people about business opportunities, according to your career goals and ambitions. You could network by joining associations in your sector, volunteer and be a part of a committee.

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3. Create Brag Scripts

Work Tips: 4 Tips For Gaining Visibility In Your Sector With InspiredByGlory 3

These are conversational statements that help you market your skills, that tell people what you do in a conversational way.

4. Solve A Problem At Work

Work Tips: 4 Tips For Gaining Visibility In Your Sector With InspiredByGlory 4

You gain a lot more visibility by resolving problems at work, from internet troubles to a great solution for the conflict.

Watch more of how to gain visibility on this video by Glory.

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