The dangers of sleep deprivation can be fatal. A lot of people think starvation is worse than the lack of sleep, on the contrary, a person could die from sleep deprivation faster than from starvation. Sleep is as important as food!

Do you have trouble getting 8 hours a night? Do you wake up multiple times at night and then try to get back to sleep again? You might not be producing enough melatonin. Melatonin is your sleep hormone and your body should start producing it as soon as you turn off the lights and lay down to sleep.

Here are a few tips to help you sleep better at night:

  • Avoid using your phone, computer, tablet, etc before bed as the blue light can confuse your brain (making it think it’s day time).
  • Take a supplement containing magnesium and cofactors to help the body produce more melatonin.
  • Try meditation before bed, even as little at 3 minutes a day as been shown to help.
  • Try not to think. Even try not to talk to yourself. Pretend that you are already asleep. You are slowly going to find yourself drifting off to sleep.
  • Make sure that you go to bed three to five hours after having a light dinner. Heavy dinners may cause you to toss and turn instead of dropping off to sleep because your metabolism is busy digesting instead of resting.

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