Basically stepping into your Goddess energy means realizing your self worth, your capacity, your potential and living up to it. If you want to step into your goddess energy in 2024 and be taken seriously, then you need to start treating yourself as a goddess first.

Goddess energy in 2023

Here are a few things that you can do to fully step into the limitless potential of your goddess energy.

Be comfortable in your femininity

We are women, and so, we are naturally born with feminine energy. You have to own it because it is yours. It belongs to you. A lot of girls try to run away from their femininity. They want to appear tough, and that’s okay but remember that you can be tough and still retain your feminine energy. One does not have to go or leave for the other to thrive.

Do not compromise your value

Yes. If you want to be treated like a goddess that you truly are, then when you say you believe in something, you have to stick to it.

You should not be easily pushed over. You should have a mind of your own.

People should be able to see you and immediately see the values that you believe in.

You should not compromise your values for anyone. When people see the way you set your values and how you stick to it. They will have no other option than to align with it.

Be kind

If you want to truly unleash your goddess potential, then you have to be what you want to attract.

You want to be able to attract kind, compassionate and empathetic people to you this means that you also want to be able to give it out. When you are able to give out kindness to the world you place yourself on a high pedestal in the universe and you open up yourself for more positive things to come into your life.

Keep it classy

You should not only want to look classy, but you also want to have an aura that reeks of class.

Dress stylishly and avoid looking tacky. Don’t talk too loudly. Don’t be too riotous. You want to move around with an air of confidence.

When you look classy people naturally respect you. You see, most people have no other option than to carry you the same way you carry yourself.

Emotional intelligence

When you’re emotionally intelligent, you will be able to control your emotions and you’ll also be able to understand where people’s emotions are stemming from.

Be logical

Yes! women are known to be emotional beings. And while being emotional isn’t a bad thing. You should also aim to be logical with your reasoning.

If you find yourself always leaning towards the emotional aspects of yourself, then it’s time for you to also unravel the logical side. Learn to look at things from a logical perspective too so that you can get a clearer picture.

There you have it! These are 6 things that you can do if you want to unravel the Goddess trapped energy inside you.

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