13th November 2017
Workplace Yes Maam

FASHION – Workplace Styling


A young man walks into a restaurant in hopes of a new career only to have his interview last 30 seconds. What chance did he have to share his intelligence? The answer: his interview attire. In cargo shorts, an earring in one ear, slides, and ...

7th November 2017

Spending hundreds of naira on a pair of sneakers can admittedly be tough to wrap your head around, but that hasn't stopped droves of people from wanting to buy Balenciaga's new cult-favorite Speed Trainer sneakers, which retail for $695 (#250,200). As reported by Business of ...

6th November 2017
EM face shapes



Ladies, makeup is creative and fun, but there are key parts that make the difference between “slay” and “nay”. Here are some major makeup hacks to help perfect your look! Highlighting is supposed to showcase angles already found in the face in a shimmering, light-catching ...

30th October 2017
Peace Omana I

Beauty – The Eyes Have It


Peace Omana is proof that natural beauty always wins. Although grateful for her looks, being pretty is not what she relies on. This brilliant beauty has great dreams to be a blessing to her community and family. As Miss Peace pursues an education and grows ...

10th October 2017
color wheel 2

Fashion – Color Code


I began writing about knowing your best colors, but without the fundamentals it is not possible. So, allow me to introduce you to your new best friend: the color wheel. (Color wheel photo: credit to original owner) The chart from art classholds answers many of ...

25th August 2017

The legendary brand recently announced the new flagship opening in Beverly Hills and stylistas from all around are beyond excited. Here are a few ways to sport the It brand's classic pieces. 1. Airport chic- Bright colors can bring joy to a long day of ...

17th August 2017

Gentlemen, have the executives overlooked you and given your mate the big promotion? Has your girlfriend or wife hinted at your need to dress up more often? In career and love, your appearance matters. Love is a two-way street; it isn't fair to focus on ...

10th August 2017

Has your husband been a bit distant lately? Is he glancing at other women more often? Have you been trying to do more around the house, but nothing seems to work? Ladies, the remedy may be closer than you think...read on for more details. (Gents, ...

9th August 2017

Fashion – Le Rendez-vous


Make an appointment to discover the dazzling Christian Louboutin Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection while thinking of new outfits for your next date! For a light office look that can double as an early date ensemble, the Suzanna available in 100 mm is the way to go. ...