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The Teen’s Church of RCCG City of David Parish is keeping it chic- with decency! The annual Genesis Fashion Show focuses on showing youth and fashion fans alike that you do not have to degrade yourself to look good and be seen. Just being your unique self is more than enough! Here are a few ways to start sporting your own style.

1. No spoiler alerts here! The more you show, the less he will care. Yes, you have his attention now, but keeping it is something altogether different. Revealing skin to get attention leads to revealing more and more-because eyes get bored.

Beauty in Decency 2

2. “But guys only notice girls who bare it all!” False. The average timeline reveals the truth: most date girls who dress risqué and behave however they please…and bam! They marry a beautiful girl who dresses (and behaves) with class, leaving the other girls shocked and heartbroken. Why? People protect what is precious to them. Serious men know they cannot bring home a girl who will embarrass them and cause their mother and all the aunties to give him the perpetual side eye.

Beauty in Decency 3

3. Read between the lines- “She always has the hottest boyfriends!” Could it be that she has trouble maintaining a stable relationship? How long has each relationship lasted? People seldom leave what they enjoy, and as competitive as men naturally are (hello, football fans) …which boy man would leave a good thing behind for another man to be hailed for? Dress (and carry yourself) how you want to be addressed.

4. Looking nice and dressing up is a good and healthy thing to do, but being pretty is not enough. When the bundles, contacts, filters, foundation, lashes, nails, and waist trainers come off…who are you? That is what will make the difference between you and every other girl, not having a large derriere. Because let’s face it: anyone can become a “baddie” in 90 minutes.

5. “I don’t know why he left. I did all I could to keep him! It’s like he never knew me for who I am…” There is strength in numbers, but if everyone looks the same, no one seems more valuable than the next. Dressing up to stand out, but looking like everyone else is like automatically deleting yourself. It starts from the desire to be considered beautiful, but often the exact things we dislike about ourselves and work to get rid off are our best assets.

Beauty in Decency 4

6. If you must degrade yourself to be accepted, are those people the kind you should want to be accepted by?

Bottom line: When you already know who you are, there is no need to dress risqué for attention: all attention is not good.

BY: StyleItKell, beauty and fashion contributor

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