One of the best aspects of image consulting is working with those who need a fresh look after a breakup or divorce. It is a challenging yet precious time to learn more about yourself and discover new skills and a life never imagined. Few things are better than seeing established ladies who still look youthful and vibrant after a major shift in life. Here is how to bounce back sensibly.

Let it go- Growing with age comes with learning how to let go of what no longer suits us. Hold onto positive connections, release bad company. Keep constructive criticism, lose verbal abuse. Retain classic cuts in clothing, lose trendy pieces of yesterday. Many things come back in style, but if your favorite dresses have come and gone twice, keep one for sentimental value if you like and discard the rest.

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Golden life- You have given so much to others, it is now hard to treat yourself. Take the opportunity to live better by dressing better. It is natural to say, “look at me now”, but it says much more when you dress up simply because you love to. Hoping someone sees you means you still care, but not caring who sees you is freedom; guess which feels better?

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Introducing: Me- An image consultant’s goal is to help you present your best self. Breakups can leave people questioning everything about themselves while admiring everything about others. Envying someone else helps no one. Find three things you love about yourself and make the most of those, within reason.

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Forever young- Dressing up as a younger “party girl” automatically diminishes power. (Let’s face it: a key reason that look is so popular is not exactly attraction; it indicates a lack of awareness to those who seek it. A woman who dresses with class and distinction is less likely to accept foolishness.) “Dressing youthfully” is bright, optimistic, and vibrant. “Dressing Young” is revealing, risqué, and communicates a lack of knowledge. It is the difference between a sequined top and a sequined club dress. If a woman knows who she is, she will not go to great lengths to prove it. Think about it: would you take a grandmother who dresses like her daughter seriously? I highly doubt it.

by: StyleItKell, beauty and fashion contributor

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