EM FASHION - Weekend Getaway 1

Career trips do not have to be all work and no play. These are great opportunities to show executives that you have what it takes to represent the company on a global scale. For styles to see new sights in, stay tuned!

1. Impressing the execs beyond the office is also key to securing better positions in the office. Dressing skillfully reveals how far your creativity and talent goes beyond official business. For official outings after work, keep it professionally stylish with subtle touches of blush against no-nonsense black. Pleats add instant office style to pieces and a subtle statement bag will not go unseen.

EM FASHION - Weekend Getaway 2

2. International business requires learning new things-and skiing may be one of them! Managers seek well-rounded colleagues and employees to help maintain corporate success. Even if you are new to the slopes, it is encouraged to look the part. Showing interest in the unfamiliar shows the discerning leader that you are willing to learn and develop beneficial skills. A stylish outfit and cool sunglasses will help you feel more acclimated (and help hide fear of the slopes). For fun excursions, exciting pops of color are a cool way to keep things hot!

EM FASHION - Weekend Getaway 1

3. Superbly chic outfits are both timeless and exciting. Luxury brands speak for themselves, so allow an exquisite scarf and pristine accessories to make all the noise at more relaxed dinner settings with friends from work. (Style tip: Luxury gloss says a lot, so even if expensive handbags are out of your budget, signature shades of lip and nails colour are not!)

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StyleItKell, beauty and fashion contributor

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