Being in style every day sounds like a dream, but Exquisite readers dare to do the impossible! With a little thought and preparation, looking better than ever is within reach-and here’s how!

  1. Vibrant, always- Nothing says “POW!” quite like the color red. So pairing red with a high-powered animal print (in sophisticated selections) is only for those whose personalities have just as much gusto! Tip: Wearing animal print one piece at a time or in smaller areas helps keep this look more upscale.


2. Classic combo- Black and gold is automatic luxury and style. A chic headwrap amplifies style for even the most casual outfits and is a cool way to skip bonnets in public. A sleek pump and swipe of gloss will complete the look!


3. Stripes alive- The ever-classic trio of red, white, and blue is great for eye-catching ensembles and casually nautical touches. With such a bold theme, it is advised to forgo other colors and combinations; keep it interesting yet cohesive.


StyleItKell, beauty and fashion contributor


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