You didn’t think I forgot about the guys, did you? The Teen’s Church of RCCG City of David Parish has not forgotten about you, either! Their annual event showcases handsome gentlemen who know they do not have to follow the bad trends to be accepted. When you already know you don’t need the approval of others, the likelihood of falling into bad crowds is minimal. Most of today’s wardrobe woes are directed toward the ladies, but there are a few things we must address.

1. Graphic tees don’t have to be graphic in content. Before you pick up a trend, ask yourself two simple question: Is this good or bad? Would this outfit ruin my chances of obtaining a respectable job? Would my grandmother slap me for wearing this? I semi-kid, but realize that people see what you are wearing-and are deciding how to treat you based on it. You matter more than you think. Yes, potential managers notice your wardrobe. Yes, many girls are turned off by distasteful images, even if they don’t mention it. Comical, creative, and even commemorative tees are cool: evil and disrespectful? Not so much.

Beauty in Decency - Gent’s Edition 1

2. Looking nice is cool, but buying flashy items beyond your budget to attract girls attracts more issues than good. Knowing who your loyal friends are is better than people hailing you who secretly want to take your place. Besides, if the money dwindles, “friends” will, too.

Beauty in Decency - Gent’s Edition 2

3. Don’t be fooled by highlight reels. People who look rich online may have less than you. Trying to buy things you cannot afford to keep up with an illusion is not the best move to make. A better return of investment would be paying to learn a new trade. Who knows: you may design a shirt that becomes the fresh style!

Beauty in Decency - Gent’s Edition 3

4. The ladies have heard me say it before, but it bears repeating. Your natural skin color is always the best one, guys. Exfoliating and moisturizing your skin with chemical-free lotion is perfectly fine. No matter the outfit, healthy hygiene is always a winner. Take advantage of men’s grooming kits and skincare; this is key to an excellent appearance. In every shade, healthy and smooth skin is the best option.

StyleItKell, beauty and fashion contributor

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