Lagos is a place of opportunities and life. It is the hub of entertainment, home to most Nigerian celebrities, and the city that has something for everyone. However, as a result of the opportunities in Lagos, the city gets a little too clustered up. Inhabitants have to deal with the traffic, a level of noise and air pollution, and so much stress. This is why there is a need to have a little escape from the usual. Here are beautiful and calm getaway spots in Lagos that you can try out even if it’s just for a day.

  • Tarkwa Bay

3 Weekend Getaway spots within Lagos to try out 1

One of the common getaway options in Lagos is Tarkwa Bay. Located near the Lagos Harbour, it is right in the middle of the ocean! As a result, for you to get there, you have to hop into water taxis or boats. Nothing says seclusion more than being twenty minutes away from all of the road noise and traffic, than that. More so, there are accommodation facilities just in case you decide to spend the night also on this beach, making it perfect for a day or two days off with a partner.


  • Ember Creek

3 Weekend Getaway spots within Lagos to try out 2








Ember Creek has a few different branches in Lagos, but if you want minutes or hours off all of the noise, then the one in Ikoyi is your best bet. It has a very cozy and calm ambience for romantic dates or just weekend relaxation. If you want the added advantage of watching the latest movies while lying down in the calm spot, then the Landmark branch in Victoria Island is a better option for you.


  • Lekki Conservation

3 Weekend Getaway spots within Lagos to try out 3

A lot of people think of only the long canopy walk and the availability of a few animals when they think of Lekki Conservation Centre. However, this place holds so much more. If you’re looking for an escape where you can be one with nature, this place is perfect for you. It creates the simulation of a real life jungle you can get lost in and you have the added advantage of a tree house, very relaxing cabanas to relax in, and so much more – all completely far away from stress. It is a breath of fresh air.


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