Looking stylish and fashionable in beautiful outfits does not come cheap and we all know that. Going through Instagram can even make your wardrobe look like the most boring place on earth. Is it even possible to still maintain a chic fashion sense on a budget?

To make things worse, the new headache is how to pull being stylish on a budget and still show up to events, hangouts looking like you stepped out from the covers of a magazine.

Looking good is not about how expensive your clothes are but how well you can pull it off with the few items you have.

A few tips you can follow to pull off amazing Fashion On A Budget



There is the word again. As much as we hate to repeat this word, we have to as it will help you get the best with the weight your wallet carries. Fashion On a budget means you have to set a budget for clothes and other items for the month and stick to it. You have to buy a few things every month to help build your closet, you can’t do that all at once.


Editors’ Pick

Have the basic

Wardrobe staples are just the ‘go to’ items and they have been saving lives since the word fashion became what it is. You need your black dress, jeans, white blouse, Tees, skirts, flats and pumps.

The best thing about all these? They come in basic colours – black, white, grey, navy, nude and the newest addition, Olive.

Fashion On A Budget - How To Pull It Off Perfectly 1



These can make you look like Beyonce. Accessories will always be the saving grace to that simple yet boring outfit. Always accessorize – this can never be overstated!

The flip side to this is – you ‘always’ have to keep it minimal if you have so much going on with your attire. If you have opted for a pair of jeans and T-shirt, a layered necklace will give your outfit a ‘chic’ look.

Fashion On A Budget  - accessorize

AWOOF is not a bad idea.

Whether it’s Yaba night market or is early morning at Balogun, discounted sales have and will always do a lot more of good than bad. Caveat: ‘Go with your eyes’ before you pick 2 left legs of the same shoes.


Know how to assemble

All things being equal, if you do not know how to put the pieces together, either the expensive ones or the not so expensive, you will always feel like you don’t have clothes and you end up looking like a traffic light.

So, use the internet wisely, ask friends, follow your style icon on social media and learn a thing on two on how to put pieces together for a styli

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