Perspex heels. Let’s be clear, these heels are still going on strong in the fashion world. Also known as Clear heels, these heels are one of the perfect confidence boosters.

Every gal needs a pair of perspex shoes in her shoedrobe – effortlessly cool, chic and so on-trend, no girl should be without them. They add a cool vibe to any strappy sandal or lace up heel, so why not experiment with the most sought-after trends and textures to keep your outfits poppin’.

Editors’ Picks

These Alexander Wang Caden Fishnet bad boy are a perfect blend of Trendy and Classy! Not just an ordinary Perspex heels but also has fishnet included which makes them a wardrobe inclusion.
#Tueshoesday: Alexander Wang Caden Fishnet Perspex Heels 1 #Tueshoesday: Alexander Wang Caden Fishnet Perspex Heels 2 #Tueshoesday: Alexander Wang Caden Fishnet Perspex Heels 3
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