Comfort has been ushered back in to this year’s shoe trend and the kitten heel is one of them and we are here for it! This sophisticated alternative for Stilettos has been in on the 80s and has shown no sign of abating.

Since the time of Louis XIV of France, this classic heel has been weaving in and out of the fashion scene.

According to CR Fashion book, “In Louis XIV of France time, the diminutive Sun King upped his stature through his trademark red heels (this was like, waaaay before Christian Louboutin). The heel-wearing trend in both a chunky and kitten style spread to other kings, who sported them at their coronations, and eventually led to ruling by the king that forbade members outside his court to sport them. In some circles, glancing at one shoes is still de rigueur—and definitely a way of judging people that has its roots in court life!” Ever since, designers have had a field day creating designs and making us fall with this heel over and over.

#TueShoesday: Why We Love The Kitten Heel and Where to Get them in Nigeria 1


They are Versatile:
It comes in various style, colors and looks that it is hard to choose and you have no problem choosing one to suit your personal style.

work kitten heels

Can be worn everywhere and anywhere:
From work, hangout with friends, dinner with the boo, the kitten heels are your go-to.

kitten heels 2

Did we mention Comfortable?!
They might look uncomfortable with their 1.5 -1.7 inches (yeah, we thought so at first), but trust us they are the perfect comfort shoes you need in your shoe collection.jumia zara kitten work heels

Perfect alternatives to Stilettos
Wearing stilettos every time can be tiring and stress the toes but these kitten heels are the perfect alternative to you looking classy and yet comfortable.

#TueShoesday: Why We Love The Kitten Heel and Where to Get them in Nigeria 2

Because we love you looking stylish and don’t want to crush on them alone, here’s where to get them here in Nigeria.

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This is perfect for work and business meetings don’t miss it.

Online shop:

This heel from this store got our attention.

Bazebo & Mall for Africa:

There are online platforms that you can order from your favorite stores abroad and have them delivered to you in Nigeria at a reasonable delivery fee.


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