Certain outfits are just incomplete without the exceptional high heels to make it perfect. Regardless of how tall you are as a lady, wearing heels gives you an extra dose of class and finesse. Yet, heels can be so much stress. This is even more so if you do not know how to wear it properly. The fear of discomfort from having to carefully walk one step at a time can make the entire idea shoved asides.

If this is you, here are tips to guide you.

  1. Get the right posture

To walk properly on high heels, you need to first have the right posture. Stand up straight, walk straight and avoid bending or slouching. Place a book on your head to practice walking straight, this time without heels. It would help you find balance. Having the right posture would help you in walking elegantly on heels.

  1. Walk from heel to toe

The right way to walk on high heels is to simply put your heels to the ground followed by your toes. Try to walk in a straight line so you can properly balance on the shoes. Also avoid looking down when you walk; walk upright and straight. This is where your good walking posture would be very useful. Walk from heel to toe and take one step at a time until you become a pro.

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How To Walk Properly On High Heels 1

  1. Practise

Practise wearing the heels in the house and all around and get very comfortable in them. It would make you comfortable when you go out and it would also create scuffs on the bottom of the shoes, so it is less slippery. Also practise how to pose for pictures. Heels could make your pictures look beautiful but could also disfigure your pictures if you don’t stand properly.


  1. Start small and wear occasionally

It is not advisable to wear 5-inches heels or stilettoes as the first set of high heel shoes; start small. Wear shoes with just a little heel and make sure you feel very comfortable in them before moving higher. There are different types of heels available but it’s advisable to begin your training with 2-3 inches heels. Also try to wear them outside only when necessary as this would prevent you from having feet aches or blisters.


  1. Be confident

After practising how to wear the shoes indoors, wear them out. Dress elegantly and rock your high heels in confidence. Don’t be scared of falling down or tripping on the shoes. Being scared may sometimes affect the way you walk and make you just too self-conscious. Stand tall and walk confidently and you will kill it.


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