As a runway coach, it is important that each lady we coach knows how to properly walk in heels. To have an awesome strut on the runway, knowing how to walk in heels in daily life is major. Here are a few tips to achieve your own star-style strut.
Fashion - Perfect Stride 1
1. Graduation- Beginners are encouraged to start low and aim high. Start off with a one or two-inch heel and grow accustomed to being elevated onto your toes. In the words of runway coach Donyan Rogers, “Wear heels that you can control; don’t let your heels control you”. As you grow comfortable with each step, gradually advance to the next height.
Fashion - Perfect Stride 2
2. Perfect arch- It’s not always the height of the heel that counts. The arch of the shoe makes an enormous difference in each step you take. Heels with a straight slope downward can add stress to the toes and cause pain. Choosing a pair that forms a smooth arch helps keep weight level and prolongs wearing time.
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3. My brother’s keeper- Ladies, consider rocking strappy, open-toed numbers for date nights with the hubby instead of church; Jesus is King, so let’s dress to impress Him alone.
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