I shared this during insta live feed yesterday (still available to watch when you click on my profile picture).
Don’t be distracted by things that have absolutely nothing to do with your vision. I know there definitely will be distractions, but choose your battles wisely. Be wise to know that they are just distractions and not to loose sight of what’s important.

Remember ask, believe, receive. For you to be in the believing and receiving phase, you need to focus on what you want with a positive attitude and energy, knowing it will be all right. With this right attitude, the right ideas will start to come up for you to be able to achieve your result. Inspired action, thats what i call those ideas that come to you. Hold that focus not with worry or fear and receive your heart’s desires but with gladness, passion and excitement, knowing and believing that what you seek is also seeking you. Focus on your focus! We are all born to win. Cheers to our successes. Xo Tewa. #emotivatewithtewa #mindsetshiftwithtewa #focus #believe #recieve #mindsetstylist #motivation #inspiration #positivityrules #positivethoughts #positiveenergy #positivevibes – #tewaonasanya #Tewarising #consistent #Tewaquotes #quotes #mind #winningways

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