Have you tried the latest hair styles, but they did not seem to work for you? Well, do not feel bad: you are not alone! Here is how to determine what may work next time!

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Trends are fun, but without knowing your true style, they can leave you wanting more out of your looks (and holding onto trends longer than necessary). The truth is hairstyles like clothing, are supposed to complement the face and body (yes ma’am, more on that later). The ideal hairstyle highlights your beauty like makeup!
Hairstyles that flatter the face showcase beauty without spending millions. A great haircut can often do more than expensive highlights. A lady with a square-shaped face naturally has a sharper jawline. If she desires to visually “soften” her jawline, a bob with layers will frame her face nicely. A round face, however, may appear rounder with a short bob, so if that is the goal intended, go for it! Otherwise, long bangs and layers will lengthen the face.

Hairstyles also should be proportionate to the body. Big, voluminous hair has been a trend for a while, but one lady’s volume is not another’s. A major hair-hack is to have your hairstylist cut and layer your hair (gasp! Yes, cutting your bundles is an actual thing, ladies) and use volumizing shears to bring the volume! The Debut 15 Teeth Texturizing Shears are an example of the ones hairstylists use for edgy, unique looks. No need to buy a lot of bundles and accidentally reduce your look. Many ladies end up wearing so much hair, people do not really notice the person for the style. Layers bring major curls so many crave; unlayered hair will not hold curls the same way.

By: StyleItKell, beauty and fashion contributor

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