Are you wondering what to get your Nigerian boo for Christmas? Don’t think too far, we have made a list of all the things a Nigerian woman wants this  Christmas.

We are in the period of love, butterflies, gifts and everything romantic which means it’s time to go all extra for the ones you love.

Let’s explore all the Things A Nigerian woman wants this Christmas


Transfer the money to her account, any amount or buy her a money bouquet, that’s always appreciated. Even if we are not certain of other things, money is the on thing we know a Nigerian woman wants this Christmas.


We know we said some women don’t like wigs, but most women do. Always ask her friends where she gets her best wigs from and the type she would want so you don’t end up buying g what she wouldn’t appreciate


Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings and earrings are always a good idea.


Flowers are a thoughtful gesture but they have to be an appendage, not the main gift, don’t think you’ve gotten her a gift if it’s just flowers.

Just a note or letter

A note or love letter is a very thoughtful gift, but can also be accompanied with something else, a typical Nigerian woman wouldn’t want just a love letter, after reading your rhymes she would want a tangible gift.

A new phone

If her phone isn’t working, a new phone will mean you are heaven sent or maybe you can upgrade her old phone by buying her the latest.

Cloth, shoes and bags

For this, you have to get her something she likes or wears. Fashion items are things that a Nigerian woman wants this Christmas and any other time. So, either a similar outfit or find out where she buys these things from.


Care package

A care package is a gift box, it’s a collection of snacks, drinks, chocolate and other edible items.


Would she like to share the cake with her coworkers and friends? Then, get her a cake or does she like to eat it solo? Get her cupcakes.

Book her a spa session

Book a session for her to be pampered at a spa, with facials, massages and even pedicures and manicures.

A vacation

An all-expense paid vacation is every woman’s dream. Baecation with her boo, and the whole neighborhood would sing your praises.


If she takes skin care seriously, find out what she uses and get them for her.

Something specific and thoughtful

This is something that she’s been complaining about, maybe painting her apartment or you can get her something she has needed for a while or something that shows you know her like the new book from her favorite author or concert tickets to her favorite artiste.

Even though it’s a wish list, these are the major things a Nigerian woman wants this Christmas are they are all achievable.


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