If you’re in Nigeria, in Lagos to be precise then of course you’re not new to Lagos December craziness that comes during the Christmas periods.

This is the period of wild fun activities, parties, outing and a whole lot more.

Accompanied with the slang Detty December!  And Everyone shouts Detty December in Lagos because it’s, where all the fun party and concerts happen in Nigeria.

Let’s not forget, most churches are headquartered in Lagos, so they’ll be holding their end of the year convention in Lagos and it can get stressful.


Here’s how to make it less stressful for you.

Get a car or hitch a ride with a friend who has a car

If you don’t have a car, your problems are compounded. Private cab services are going to hitch their prices way up and cars will be scarce, if you don’t want to be stranded and you don’t have a car, follow someone who does.


Get ready for traffic

This is inevitable. Prepare your body soul and mind for this. With Lagos, the journey doesn’t matter, only the destination because the journey will be hectic. There are fuel queues still everywhere, just get ready for traffic.


Stay hydrated and filled

Imagine being stuck in traffic for hours, just get a bottle water, juice and lots of snacks and store by your side. Also do not forget to eat to your satisfaction before leaving the house. No one knows when you would get to your destination. 


Stay with a friend who lives on the Island or rent a hotel there

Whether it’s for church or a party or concert if you don’t live on the Island and the venue is on the island, just forget about going home that night, you would need to sleep over on the Island same applies with the mainland.


Get ready for your favourite artiste to arrive late at concerts

Many people complain about the nonchalance of Nigerian artistes at their concerts, typically arriving late and poor performances. If you pay for such tickets, don’t complain that you’re disappointed because chances are that you will be.


Get ready to be oppressed by IJMB (I just got back)

Have you seen the exchange rates lately? Those I just got back people are ready to convert their dollars and pounds and make it rain. Don’t compete, just respect yourself and manage your money. 


Even though December can be stressful, it can also be fun, much like everything else in Lagos.

So go have fun!

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