Are you well equipped to avoid SAPA this December?

We are already in the ember month and the dreaded and exciting December is almost upon us.

How is your December preparations going?

Not so good right?

It’s not too late to have a great December and to end this long year on a bright note.

With barely 2 weeks to the December, these are a few things you can do to avoid Sapa and have a good time.

Avoid sapa

1) Make A Budget

Yes! Start now to draw a map of what you want and what you can afford. Tick off unnecessary things off your list.

Having a spending budget helps you know if you can actually afford what you want and things you can easily let go off.

2) Save Part Of Your Income

I want to believe you already have a little savings put aside from the previous month. If you don’t, it’s okay, take out a portion of your income for this month and put it aside for next month.

If you have to reduce your spending to minimal this month, then do so.This will help you avoid Sapa in the coming month.

3) Do Not Borrow Money

Don’t! Just don’t do it. You might feel the pull to borrow money off friends or people you know to fit your December budget but you’re going to account for it come next year.

Remember, the plan is to begin next year on a fresh start.

It will be hard for you to completely enjoy money that you borrowed from someone. You feel more at peace when you know that the money you’re spending on yourself does not need to be accounted for.

4) Avoid The Need To Fit In

It’s normal to feel pressured with every ones December spendings but resist the urge to drown in your unhappiness. Do what you can do for yourself, cut your coat according to your size.

5) Take out money from your emergency

That personal fund that you set out for something important, maybe it’s time to spend a bit of it.

Remember all work and no play makes jack a very dull boy.

You’re allowed to close your eyes and actually spoil yourself.

It’s never a waste to spend money on oneself. It is a form of self love.

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