Christmas is called the season of love and is celebrated all around the World.

However, in Nigeria, there are certain Christmas traditions every Nigerian relate to.

These traditions are very common and are particularly carried out during festive season.

These Traditions Include;

Buying Christmas Clothes & Accessories

Christmas Traditions Every Nigerian Can Relate To

As the Christmas season draws nearer, it subconsciously gets into the minds of parents to get their children special attires for Christmas, markets often get crowded as prices of children’s clothes surge.

Parents who fail to do this, no matter how small, are calling for trouble from their kids. Which parent wouldn’t want their kids to look beautiful during Christmas?

Apart from clothes, accessories such as glasses, wristwatches, and new shoes, are also bought to accompany the outfit of the kids.

Buying Chicken

Christmas Traditions Every Nigerian Can Relate To 1

Over the years, chicken has been the ‘meat’ symbol of Christmas in Nigeria. Some of our parents took their time to rear chicks for Christmas.

And during this season, almost every home kills a chicken or buys frozen ones. And as expected the prices of the chicken increase due to demand and poultry farmers smile to the bank. 

Cook Christmas Rice

Christmas Traditions Every Nigerian Can Relate To

We are known to consume a lot, especially jollof rice. However, there is one unique thing about the Christmas season which everyone in the house looks forward to, which is the Christmas Rice.

Oftentimes, Christmas rice in most homes is usually jollof rice. Maybe it is the season, but the truth is it tastes more delicious than the regular jollof rice, maybe party jollof rice slightly beats it.

The rice can be garnished with chicken, and goat meat and combined with other appetizers or desserts, depending on what the family can afford.

Share Food with neighbours

Christmas Traditions Every Nigerian Can Relate To 2

As the season of love, Christmas is a time people share with others. In a compound, you can be sure of receiving Christmas gifts from neighbours.

Oftentimes this comes in the form of food and drinks. This gesture is usually good, especially for people who don’t have the finances to cook for themselves and their kids.

One thing is sure, they will also celebrate Christmas happily due to the food they have received.


Celebrate with Fireworks and Firecrackers

Christmas Traditions Every Nigerian Can Relate To

kids, teenagers, and adults are always seen with firecrackers and fireworks popularly called “bangers” or “knock-out” during this season.

Kids are seen running around with less dangerous ones while adults blow into the atmosphere bigger fireworks. Some children, especially teenagers, often scare passers-by with firecrackers.

The rush of adrenalin that comes with the bangers is what makes the tradition so exciting and memorable.

I have already gotten my fireworks, I hope you have.


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