Ready to take on the work force? Here’s how to venture into the career world head-on and in style!

  1. No sweat- From the anxious college graduate to the newly divorced stay-at-home parent, it is natural to feel intimidated about a major life shift. Breakups and community expectations don’t make the load any easier! But weathering storms brings about a new sense of optimism! Creatively arrange outfits with what you currently own to create outstanding looks. Like the lovely Priscilla of (IG: @prissysavvy) shares with this slay, your wardrobe is your first CV or resume; it tells the world who you are instantly. Try to use this to your advantage!

Taking the Leap! 1

  1. Goals and dreams- Consider your situation in life and the type of career you desire. Long-term careers with stability and advancement require structure. Corporate attire includes structured suits and less color; it is all about business. Creative outlets activate the senses and inspire individual differences. Therefore, more color, pattern, and texture are allowed, but they still require structure to survive. Your wardrobe also shows if you will benefit the company as a committed worker or be a detriment.
  2. More grease- Entrepreneurship greatly involves using natural abilities to achieve success. In this age of entrepreneurship, there is always a positive opportunity around the corner. If you have a talent or gift, it could be exactly what people want to invest in! Gorgeous broker and realtor Sharah Amani of (IG: @sarah_amani) shows us how it’s done with a hint of glam to seal the deal.

Taking the Leap! 2

“But I can’t sing.” Singing is awesome, but it is not the only talent. Baking, basket weaving, cooking, designing, painting, and sewing are only a few of the many abilities that help others. Helping others is key to your own personal success. Challenge: How many hidden career skills do you have?

  1. Never too late- “I’m too old.” “I’m too stupid…” “Technology is too complex and I can’t keep up!”These are common fears for many people, but “Fear Is a Liar” (hello, Zach Williams). The truth is every generation (not to mention out current work force) needs the wisdom of older generations. There is nothing like classic determination and grit to help anyone succeed, and those are skills technology cannot provide. Put on your best smile and a great outfit to match and be determined to live a life of positive legacy!

BY: StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

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