Life has a natural hierarchy. There are basics and essentials that make up different facets of life. The same can be said for the fashion world.

Certain pieces are considered foundational pieces when building a stylish wardrobe. Wardrobe essentials like a black blazer, a pair of denim jeans, and tailored trousers are the building blocks for a practical and fashion forward wardrobe. A tank dress is at that level, because it is so versatile.

Green Tank Dress

They are the perfect fusion of comfortability and sexiness, reeking of causality and effortless chicness. They can also serve as a quick escape for days when you want to adopt a simple minimalist approach. This is a trendy piece every female should own.

There are limitless fashion options you can pull with a tank dress; all you need to do is make some quick styling changes.

For instance, you can throw a light Sheer Jacket over it for for quick lunch date with your girls.

Brown Tank Dress

A Tank Dress – Multifunctional and classy

You can pair it with a blazer for work, rock an ultra-modern look and still maintain your professionalism.

Attending a special high-end event? With some accessories and an elegant hairstyle, you’re guaranteed to  draw a lot of lingering gazes from people.

Finally, for the less conservative females, you can hit the club on a Friday night and unleash bits of sexiness in a sheer midi length option and long stiletto heels.

Blank Tank Dress


With so many beautiful variations, choosing the right tank dress should be an easy process.

If you’ve been sitting on the edge for a while about getting one, this is the gentle push you need to get one.

What is your fashion story? Find the perfect tank dress, accessorize, then start telling that story.

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