It is very common to feel lost and stagnant, especially being a woman. Nowadays, more and more women genuinely want to devote themselves exclusively to their family and children, and often ask themselves if fulfilling their responsibilities is enough for them, or do they need more from life. It is at that moment they discover that they want more out of life and realize that they have no idea where to start in personal growth.

“We either live with intention or exist by default”

– Kristin Armstrong

Personal growth goes a long way in a woman’s life. Working on your personal growth is not only essential for your own self-improvement, but can also help you thrive professionally. It allows you to understand who you are at your core and what goals you are setting out to accomplish. This is one of the simplest keys to a lifetime of fulfillment and happiness.

3 Benefits of Personal Investment

Being a woman, you might indulge in your hectic routines, not giving yourself enough time, and living the same day every day. These things can finally make you feel like something is missing. Thankfully, Kate Onakomaiya, the founder and lead coach at the Exponential Growth Academy in Nigeria, has the best advice for women who want to improve themselves and get better.

Personal Growth for Women - Why Is It Important? 1

Kate, in her advice to women, charges them to take ownership of their growth and personal life. “Do not wait for permission to become the best version of you. You don’t need permission to read books, take courses, or get a mentor or coach or anyone that can help you. The Internet is there for you to research and develop in the area you want to develop,” she said.

“If you don’t like your current condition and circumstances, the only way your future can be better is through personal growth and development. I encourage women to take ownership of their growth and make the choice to leverage on every opportunity to become better.”


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