There’s so much buzz around about the “Fashion Week” but it seems no one ever gets down to what really happens at the actual shows.
Stuffs like Fashion shows, street style and parties come to mind when you think of fashion week and to be honest….you’re like 90% correct.

Ever wondered what fashion week is really all about?? why everyone is usually exhausted when it’s over? (Like I keep asking myself the same question).

Fashion Week 411: All You Need To Know 1 Fashion Week 411: All You Need To Know 2

Let’s start with the basics…Shall We?

-First…..What is Fashion Week?

Fashion Week is a week long fashion industry event where fashion designers display their latest collection for the upcoming season. For example, the Spring/Summer collection will be presented during this upcoming Fashion Week in September. It’s a little confusing but they present ahead of time so that buyers can place orders for the upcoming season and press can get ideas for editorials, fashion features and trend forecasting.

– What is Fashion Month?

Fashion Month refers to the collective Fashion Weeks held in Lagos for example because they occur consecutively between September and October and February and May.

Fashion Week 411: All You Need To Know 3 Fashion Week 411: All You Need To Know 4

– Are the Fashion Week shows held in the same building?

Nope!!! That’s where you can feel the exhaustion creeping over your life. The majority of the shows take place in a centralized area, a place such as federal palace in Lagos. However, there are a lot of shows that happen all around the city. I hope you’ve packed your flats (lol).

– Do fashion shows take time ?

Surprisingly, NO! (Welllll… be honest it actually depends) but, It takes more time to get to and into a show than the actual length of the show. They usually last up to a couple of hours. So, don’t look away or you’ll miss it.

Fashion Week 411: All You Need To Know 5 Fashion Week 411: All You Need To Know 6

– What’s the difference between a Fashion Show and a Presentation?

Good question…… A fashion show production occurs with models strutting down the runway presenting up to 40 looks and usually ends with a finale parade. The presentation (not my personal favorite by the way), is where the models serve as live mannequins by posing in the latest designs. There’s no traditional runway. Models are stationed around the room and this allows the attendees to get an up close and personal view of the designs. It’s very hard to catch those models whizzing past you down the runway in a Presentation.

Fashion Week 411: All You Need To Know 7

Fashion Week 411: All You Need To Know 8

– Who attends Fashion Week?
I think the the answer to this question is as important as the question itself. It’s very important we set the record straight as to who should attend a fashion week. Basically, anyone who is associated to the fashion industry will/should be in attendance: Magazine Editors/Journalists, Celebrities, Socialites, Brand/Retail Executives, Stylists, Buyers, Photographers, fashionistas and of course Bloggers.

– What should you wear to Fashion Week?

Your best and most creative looks!! I’ve heard that attendees used to show up to fashion week dressed in all black. Well, those days are oveeeerrrrrr!!! Street style is just as intriguing as the looks coming down the runway. So, come looking you’re best or don’t come at all!

Fashion Week 411: All You Need To Know 9 Fashion Week 411: All You Need To Know 10

– The Nitty Gritty

So, you’re “in” the fashion industry and you want to know how to get into shows. i think it’s based on the organizers and what works for them. They’re cases where you apply for a press pass, then you would contact PR agencies to get invited to the shows. On the other hand, some fashion shows only grant certain media outlets press passes. So, you really just skip the whole press pass process and go straight to contacting PR agencies to get into shows.

Fashion Week 411: All You Need To Know 11

– How do I find PR agencies?
Tap into your personal PR contacts. If you don’t have an overflowing PR list, Google is literally going to be your best friend.

– What are PR agencies looking for?
I’m literally just going to pull this one out of my head, I’m going to go with you need a reason to be at the show. For example, as a media outlet/blogger, they want to know about your readership statistics and influence.

Fashion Week 411: All You Need To Know 12

Fashion Week 411: All You Need To Know 13

– How do I find out which designers will be presenting during Fashion Week?

Remember your best friend…..Google? Yeah, you’ll be using her a lot (hahahahaha). But seriously, you need google to check out the Calendar for these fashion weeks or probably keep in touch on their social media platform (social media has made a lot of things easy these days), so yeah…that’s like another option.

– What happens if I can’t get into the shows? You have the option of live streaming the shows right from the front row of your sitting room….it’s that simple!!

Fashion Week 411: All You Need To Know 14 Fashion Week 411: All You Need To Know 15

Photo credit: @lagosfashionweekofficial, @lagosbridalfw

BY: Karah Adu

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