If you’ve not already heard about Instagram’s new algorithm, you would have at least noticed it.  What happens is that you now miss a lot of your friends’ or followers’ posts and see posts of people you don’t even follow. In the same manner, your posts are seen by only a fraction of your total followers, depending on how popular you are – amongst other factors. However, the reality of it is that Instagram didn’t put this up to limit your likes or stunt the growth of your business. Rather, it is a way to encourage those who are consistent and simply relegate those who aren’t, to the background. If you were wondering why your posts aren’t receiving as many likes as it used to, here are very simple ways to change that.

  • Post Quality Pictures

How to beat Instagram’s New Algorithm 1


Instagram would not allow you promote ads that have low quality, so you can tell that they’re big on quality content. If your pictures or videos are generally low quality, then your followers would see less of them. Invest in a quality phone or camera if Instagram means something to you and you would definitely rank better.


  • Engage with your followers

How to beat Instagram’s New Algorithm 2

Engaging with your followers is one of the sure things to drive your page to the top. Engagement doesn’t mean sending one-word replies. Write captions that provoke responses or ones that serve as calls to action and respond properly.


  • Be frequent and consistent

How to beat Instagram’s New Algorithm 3

If you are consistent on Instagram and you spend a good amount of time on it. Chances are that you wouldn’t even notice the new algorithm. Simply put, the more time you spend on Instagram, the more relevant Instagram thinks you are; hence, you’ll rank better.


  • Use Instagram Stories and Live videos as often as you can

If you don’t make use of other tools like live videos or Insta Stories, then you better start now. It is another great way to engage your audience. A great way to do this is to use polls.


  • Use hashtags

Finally, use hashtags. Instagram now allows people follow Hashtags, so it is another great way to have international visibility. Use hashtags that are trendy and are relevant to your niche and you would gain from Instagram’s new system.


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