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KREKSUK FASHION HOUSE Gongs Dyesuk Faith, the creative director of Kreksuk Fashion House, got our attention with her beautifully tailored designs. Exquisite magazine is pleased to have an interview with her. Let’s read up on her story TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF AND BRAND My name is Gongs Dyesuk Faith creative director of Kreksuk Fashion House. I am also a TV Journalist. Kreksuk Fashion House is a growing brand, which specializes in female clothing. Focused on custom-made and wedding dresses. HOW AND WHEN DID YOUR JOURNEY BEGIN? My fashion journey began in my final year of school(July 2020). Though I’ve always had an interest in fashion design from junior high school. I learnt from free online classes and also paid online courses. And later upgraded at a fashion academy. WHAT’S YOUR SIGNATURE STYLE? Simply detailed dresses. Sometimes little is more! WHO ARE YOU IDEAL TARGET AUDIENCE My ideal audience is fashionable women. WHAT’S BEEN YOUR BEST MOMENTS AS A DESIGNER? It would be meeting my client’s expectations. That has to be my best moment. It’s so fulfilling. WHAT’S BEEN YOUR WORST MOMENTS AS A DESIGNER? Not meeting the expectations of my clients. ON A SCALE OF 1-10, WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR RESPONSE FROM CUSTOMER SATISFACTION? No one is perfect so it will be a 7. WHAT MAKES YOUR BRAND DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS? Keeping up with trends KINDLY SHARE TIPS TO STAYING SUCCESSFUL IN THIS BUSINESS. I don’t exactly have tips because I am also a growing brand. But my advice would be to always strive till get there. WHAT ADVICE WILL YOU GIVE TO START-UPS THAT HAVE A SIMILAR VISION AS YOU DO? Find what works for you and make it work. SHARE 3 FUN FACTS ABOUT YOU. I love to sing I love to try out methods to make my work easier I love K-dramas PLEASE SHARE THE CONTACT DETAILS YOU WISH TO BE MADE PUBLIC. Calls: 08176430013 Instagram: kreksuk _clothings


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