Pencil skirts, fitted skirts, bandage skirts, who said they had to be boring or ‘plain-janes’?

Over time I have noticed that a lot of people tend to prefer plain, simple structured skirts and shy away from skirts with more structure or design than they can understand forgetting that skirts with personality are actually easier to style and still give super stylish results.

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I get it. The simpler a piece of clothing is, the easier it is for you to come up with a style. But we’re being more intentional with our personal style this month are we not?

Great that your have those gorgeous basic pieces; Want to experiment with a few statement skirts and see how you do? I promise you’ll love it! It’s a simple hack to a super stylish look so sign me up for skirts with a little (or a LOT) more character!

Who Said Pencil Skirts Have To Be Boring? 1 Who Said Pencil Skirts Have To Be Boring? 2 Who Said Pencil Skirts Have To Be Boring? 3

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