“Always read the inscription on shirts”- The Style Hive

She is a bona fide enthusiast, creator and consumer of all things fashion and lifestyle. Her love and passion for fashion has been fostered over the years, leading her to take a short fashion styling course at the London College of Fashion (Dubai). This eventually nurtured and bloomed into two businesses of which she is proud to be the mother of…The Style Hive and the Eclectic Styling Agency (inclusive of a rebranded clothing line that is being currently worked on @shoptshng).

Style Q and A of Alero Arafiena of The Style Hive 1

In the true spirit of a Lagos born and bred creative and inspiring business tycoon, I have a few side income generators, rendering fashion styling services to corporate, entertainment and private clients alike, running a mini fashion consultancy outfit under ESA as well as running and managing a growing natural hair salon in Ogba, Lagos state.

Did I mention that I also run a blog on movie reviews/critique? Says the passionate entrepreneur.

Exquisite Magazine had a quick session with one of Lagos’ finest style Queen, Alero Arafiena.


1) My Style Is….- Unconventional

2) I cannot live without…. Might sound Cliché or unrelated to the question, but I can’t live without peace of mind.

3) Favorite Fashion Trick… When I feel unsure, I belt it.

4) Favorite Designer… None at the moment; whatever catches my fancy. If it’s Shoe designers, Ah yes! I can select.

5) One item every girl should own…. This is interestingly a tough question because it genuinely feels hard to define/contextualize, but off the top of my head, I think every girl should own “who she is”

6) Next item on my wishlist… Absolutely more skincare products from Arami Essentials and RandR luxury

7) Last purchase… Clothes from @Chrizzanicertwng @_Visu and flatforms from @shakaradotkomlimited

8) My Favorite Boutique Shop… I sadly rarely shop from boutiques these days because I think my Current style seems to more or less have evolved into owning more “ready-to-wear“ pieces as they currently feel more “budget friendly”, but if I have to shop from a boutique, it’s oftentimes @shakaradotkomlimited

Style Q and A of Alero Arafiena of The Style Hive 2

9) My best shopping city… Absolutely looking forward to making memories with this one. None for now

10) I feel sexiest when I’m wearing… Whatever makes me feel comfortable in that moment.

11) When I’m on the red carpet, I like to… Feel confident

12) Fashion rule I live by… If it doesn’t make you feel comfortable, don’t wear it (Heels are an exception to this rule “inserts a grin”)

13) I am currently carrying … much loved structured gifted bag from @shopreola

Style Q and A of Alero Arafiena of The Style Hive 3

14) Name your favorite piece in your wardrobe…  I’m going to be bias and say any of my two-pieces from @shoptshng for now, and my recently purchased style items as mentioned in Number 7

15) Signature Accessories … A particular neck chain. Anyone who’s known me in an observatorial way, probably identifies me with it. A no-brainer.

16) What are you buying this season to update your look? A Colourful shorts-set and Maxi dresses.

17) Who is the most stylish woman you have seen? Off the top of my head it’s Shade Okoya. If I add Rihanna now, I’ll sound bias.

18) What are your beauty essentials?… My answer to this might come off as vague, but I am currently still trying to honestly figure out what using of A LOT of the current beauty trends would mean for my skin (I plan on consulting with an Esthetician soon). Soooo many terms to understand right now (My future self would someday probably laugh in shame at this). But what I absolutely do not joke with at the moment in regards to my skin, are 100% organic and moisturising products, that consistently enhance the healthiness and feel of my skin.

19) Early Style Influencer… This should most likely be my Grandmother, and Ah! DEFINITELY Rihanna! (If that counts). But unrelated and social media wise I should add that these 2 women @ironyofashi and @stylepantry are amazing!

20) How often do you repeat outfits?..- As long as they are not dirty and or depending on the versatility of the outfit. So it could be once every 2 months or more or even twice in a month. There’s also the “you haven’t seen me in this outfit, so I’ll repeat it context” Lool

21) Do you follow trends?… Hmm, not exactly. I have to consciously and even unconsciously try as much as possible to stay “aware” and knowledgeable of trends because of what I do, but personally speaking, I don’t exactly feel like I follow trends consciously, but I am often open minded to the fun of exploring and interpreting some of the trends though my personal style, if it fits.

22) Favorite Holiday Destination And Why…I look forward to exploring and travelling sooo much more (Been to just one country as at the time of this interview), but on my prospective list of destinations to try out; Kenya, Ghana, Seychelles, Mauritius….  and or anywhere outside of my comfort zone are TOTALLY IT!

23) Describe your ultimate party dress… Hmm, not so sure it might be a dress, but anything that would not require me to “suck belle“ (comfort, not “comfort zone”) would be for me. So I might most likely pick a high waist trouser pant-set look, or an unconventional or absolutely a deconstructed dress.

24) How do you like your jewellery: Statement or Simple?..Ah this depends on whether it’s asoebi or what my outfit requires. Simple is my go to for casual looks (maybe with a hint if statement earrings once in a while). Then statement is my go-to, for looks that need a complementary jewellery to do the speaking.

Style Q and A of Alero Arafiena of The Style Hive 4

25) What’s your earliest fashion memory?… I don’t remember so much, but I do think I remember the feelings that came with looking forward to wearing those “special” new clothes selected by my grandmother for “special holidays and birthdays” or wearing/playing with my grandmother’s heels when she wasn’t home. Let me also add that my undying love for Flatforms till now, probably got unlocked when my father got me one from Jerusalem as a kid. Not sure if this also counts as an “early fashion memory” but I remember a very young age, when I had this favorite shirt because it had this colourful cute cartoonish-vibe. I never seemed to have bothered reading it as a child either but I do remember, at some point starting to wonder why people would stare longer when I wore it. Until one day I decided to “read it” and then realised it was a cartoon story based on the life of a Penis! (The kind of drawing you actually could innocently miss, so ZERO blames for my Adults around me).This is not a made up story I promise. Anyway, I brought my mum’s attention to it and we immediately had to dispose of the shirt. Sad story because I loved the shirt at that point. But hey, it birthed the consciousness of the moral of the story, which is to “Always read the inscription on shirts before you purchase”.


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