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Learn How To Style Ankara Skirts In 4 Simple Ways

how to style ankara

An undefeated benefit of two-piece clothing? They can be worn as a single outfit. Talk about being a man of your own.

A typical piece of her own is an Ankara Skirt and as we know, Ankara is worn by exquisite
ladies like you and me.

We ladies need to know how to style Ankara skirts so that the beauty of their prints are highlighted and accentuated, so we’ve got some very simple tips that you can never go wrong with.

How To Style Ankara Skirts

1. Let’s Go English

Mix-match your Ankara Skirt by an English shirt, aka a Plain white T-shirt. Give yourself an
edge by wearing a big white T-Shirt that could be styled into an off-shoulder top.

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2. Make It Short

Is your Ankara Skirt above your knee? No? Then take it above your knee. Short Ankara skirts are making heads roll in the streets and on the runway. Pair with your favourite heel or sneakers for a casual Friday look.

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3. A Belle Top Is The Cherry On Top

An Ankara Skirt may be what you need to close off your meeting this week, just pair it with your most fly belle top and you are ready to go. Remember the bigger the belle, the bigger the cherry.

4. Blocking Colours Is Still In Vogue

What is the second or third colour you notice on your Ankara Skirt? How about you make that the contrasting colour for your top wear or heel.

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