Gone are the days when we still have to look expensive by spending a lot of money.

There are now simple “magic” tricks that you can stick to which will completely transform your appearance and make you look like a billion dollar every day.

With these tips, you will be able to look expensive, feel expensive and even smell expensive.

How To Look Expensive Everyday Without Breaking The Bank

Wear Fitted Clothes

11 Ways To Look Expensive Everyday Without Breaking The Bank 1

A very stress free way to amp up your outfit is by making sure your clothes actually fit your body type. It will surprise you what one minor tweak or change can do for you. If your pant suit is a bit too long, try cutting it, if it’s too loose, try shaping it to your body.

Ditch clothes that are too tight or too loose. Invest in tailoring or learn basic alterations to ensure everything fits like a dream. Clothes that drape beautifully instantly elevate your appearance.

If that gown is too tight, try opening up the seams. Avoid buying outfits that are too loose or tight on you. It’s hard to look expensive wearing them.

Make Simple But Elegant Hair Styles

How to look expensive everyday

Hair is everything. It’s one of the first things people notice about you. Even if you do not have money for expensive wigs or braids, make sure your natural hair is never unkempt.

A unkempt natural hair tells a sad story of neglect and ultimately makes you look very cheap.

Comb your hair when it’s in its natural state and get a silk press if it’s too nappy. Take care of your hair and skin. A good haircut, regular trims, and a simple makeup routine can go a long way. Experiment with subtle colors and styles that flatter you.

Take Care Of Your Skin

Look expensive everyday

If you have a healthy skin, you immediately look like you’re intentional about taking care of yourself. Even better, you might find out that you don’t need makeup as much as you though you needed it.

Your skin should always be moisturized and always apply sunscreen. Try to protect your skin from the sun as much as possible, take your bath twice a day, moisturize while your skin is still damp. Also, invest in a good body oil to give your skin that nice sheen.

All of these will help to make your skin look nice and glowy.

Wear Neutral Colors

11 Ways To Look Expensive Everyday Without Breaking The Bank 2

Build your wardrobe around a core collection of neutral-colored pieces like black, white, navy, and camel. They offer endless mixing and matching possibilities and create a foundation for more statement pieces.

Neutral colors just blend in effortlessly. Regardless of your skin tone, they have a way of complimenting your outfit and giving you a very chic and classy look.

Good neutral colors to have in your closet are black, white, beige, charcoal grey, navy khaki, mocha, cream and olive.

Iron Your Outfits

A lot of people are skipping ironing their clothes these days. I get it! Nobody seems to have the time or patience for an Iron.

But let me tell you this for free, no matter how put together you think your outfit is, if it’s all crumpled up and creased looking, you’re going to create a very disheveled look.

Wrinkles scream neglect. Take the time to iron or steam your clothes for a crisp, put-together look. It makes a surprising difference!

Wear Dark Glasses

Look expensive everyday

Stylish dark glasses can give you a very mysterious look. They are also very good for hiding dull faces and dark under eyes. You can also use them to protect your eye from the sun while still looking chic and mysterious.

Accessorize With Simple Jewelry

11 Ways To Look Expensive Everyday Without Breaking The Bank 3

Jewelry is everything. It’s one of the easiest way to look a billion dollar without doing much. You, however, have to be very particular about the kind of jewelry you have on.

Buy jewelry that does not fade with time.

You also want to avoid clunky or heavy jewelry except absolutely necessary because they can make your outfits look very weird.

Embrace Vintage Finds

11 Ways To Look Expensive Everyday Without Breaking The Bank 4

Thrift stores and vintage shops are treasure troves waiting to be explored. You can find unique, high-quality pieces at a fraction of the retail price. Don’t be afraid to experiment and personalize them!

Your Bags And Shoes Should Look Good At All Times

11 Ways To Look Expensive Everyday Without Breaking The Bank 5

Something so easy but yet people do not pay attention to. Always have on good shoes and bags that look nice. Fix any wear or tear on either of them immediately.

Clean your shoes frequently. If you’re stepping out, you can have a small strip of material in your bag to clean the shoes when they get dirty. Ugly bags and dirty shoes can completely ruin your looks.

Avoid Loud Designers

Gone are the days when wearing very popular designers were an in thing. Now, it’s all about understated elegance. People want to look rich and good without the appearance of doing too much.

Wearing branded outfits can make you look like you’re trying to make a statement and can cheapen your over all look.

Wear Perfume

11 Ways To Look Expensive Everyday Without Breaking The Bank 6

Perfumes are a humans best friend. Want to live an impression? Wear perfumes. Want to stand out? Wear perfumes.

You not only look expensive to people when wearing good perfumes but you also feel expensive.

Make sure you get perfumes that are not too sweet or cloying, go for perfumes that have lighter scents.

Make sure they also smell very pleasant.

When wearing perfumes, do not over spritz, so you don’t end up choking not just yourself but the people around you.

Remember, looking expensive isn’t about spending more, it’s about being creative, mindful, and confident. By implementing these tips and adding your own personal touch, you can achieve a polished and sophisticated look that turns heads, regardless of your budget!

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