FemiHandbags founder Femi Olayebi (IG: @femihandbags) has a keen eye for luxury. With fresh blends of modern and traditional style, this brand is all about confident elegance! For more drama in your accessory wardrobe, look no further than unforgettable FemiHandbags!

1. FemiHandbags “FH Trunk” is feminine with a sleek, no-nonsense appeal. The bright floral elements add a fashionable touch to the sharp angled work of art.

EM FASHION - Outside the Box with FemiHandbags 1

2. The “TARA” with eye-catching leather hues will make an impact as soon as you walk into the room. This bag helps balance a full schedule while looking good, a go-to for any busy lady!

EM FASHION - Outside the Box with FemiHandbags 2

3. Owning the one-of-a-kind “La Petite AMEENA” will leave a lasting impression everywhere you go. This stellar handheld bag blends a classic shape with modern edge, making it daring and versatile.
Wearing bold designs showcases your daring style. Don’t be afraid of expressing yourself with a signature handbag; you just may spark a new trend!

EM FASHION - Outside the Box with FemiHandbags 3

BY: StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

For more selections: http://femihandbags.com/ (All photo credit to photographers for FemiHandbags)

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