A spa day out or weekend break is all about relaxing and getting yourself, mind, body and soul rejuvenated.

Just like going out to events, work or just going out, the right dress code is also important for a Spa day out.

Wear something comfortable to your spa appointment.

Think comfort and practicality. I always go for a maxi knee length dress that is easy to take off. You should wear what you feel comfortable in. Flip flops, slides, sandals or flats can be worn as your footwear. You can also do trainers or sport shoes only if you wont be getting a pedicure.

Spasaturday - What to wear on a spa day out. 1

Spasaturday - What to wear on a spa day out. 2

Tips on what to take to the spa.

You might need to take a swimming costume with you, also find out if the spa provides towels, robes (or if you prefer to take your own), slippers and a place to keep your jewellery, otherwise both bother wearing any jewelery. Keep electronics at home or in the car too, you don’t want to be disturbed anyway.

After your treatment, you might need a change of clothes if you are not going home afterwards, so remember to pack those.

If the spa has a gym and you would like to use the facility, then pack a gym bag too.

If you are going on a spa holiday, you could pack your toiletries with you just in case. Although, most spa resorts provide toiletries.

Tie your hair back if possible and avoid wearing any makeup so you are spa treatment ready.

Sunscreen will be needed if going to a spa resort for outdoor activities like swimming.

You should also take a copy of Exquisite magazine with you or a book to enjoy while in your relaxation mood or even by the pool.

If unsure of what to take with you, check the spa’s website or call for their dress code if any. Remember you would be required to strip to a certain level during your treatments but to your comfortable level.
Some spas will provide disposable underwear, but just in case, you could take an extra one with you.

Have a Spatastic session!!!

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