Our eyebrows are like the crowns of our faces, shaping our features and expressing our unique beauty. But even the most confident queens can fall victim to brow mistakes. Here are 8 common eyebrow mistakes to avoid, so you can achieve brows that reign supreme:

  1. Over-Tweezing Those Arches: Remember the pencil-thin eyebrows of the past? Let them stay there! Pluck with a gentle touch, focusing on individual hairs below the brow bone. Avoid the area above, as this can permanently change your natural shape.

  2. Mismatched Hues: Your brow product should be your brows’ BFF, not a harsh overlord. Brunettes, go a shade or two lighter than your hair for a natural complement. If you’re blessed with beautiful, dark hair, a deep brown might be perfect. Black brows are for the bold, so proceed with caution.

  3. Harsh Lines Are Out, Queen: Filling in your eyebrows shouldn’t be like drawing on a chalkboard. Use a brow pencil or angled brush with light strokes, mimicking the texture of individual hairs. Blend thoroughly for a soft and natural finish that flatters your face.

  4. Embracing Your Unique Shape: Every queen has her own crown, and brows are no different! Don’t force your brows into a completely different shape. Enhance your natural arch and gently fill in sparse areas to create brows that are uniquely you.

  5. Ditching the Regular Mirror: While a magnifying mirror might seem helpful for close-up tweezing, it can lead to over-plucking. Use a regular mirror for overall brow shaping and filling to avoid taking away from your natural beauty.

  6. The Right Tool for the Regal Brow: For brows needing a little extra oomph, brow powder offers a natural fill compared to a pencil. Gels are fantastic for taming those wild hairs and adding a touch of tint. Choose the product that best complements your brow goals.

  7. Highlighter is Your High-Key Friend: A well-defined eyebrow bone makes your brows appear sharper and more sculpted. Use concealer or highlighter just beneath the brow to create a clean line and a lifted appearance, making your eyes truly pop.

  8. Seeking Help from the Brow Guru: Don’t be afraid to consult a professional brow stylist! They can help you determine your ideal brow shape based on your face and teach you proper filling techniques for a flawless finish.

By avoiding these mistakes and embracing your natural beauty, you can achieve brows that are as regal and strong as you are. Remember, your brows are your crown, so wear them with pride!

This article was first Published on ExquisiteMag in May 2014. Updated in March 2024 

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