The greatest assumption about modest clothing is that it’s “boring” and “unattractive”, but that is a myth. Modesty can be as creative as you decide; the choices are up to you! The main idea is to feel as good as you look because let’s face it: highlight reels are not reality. Here are a just a few cool benefits to dressing with dignity in mind!

  1. Fearless Mystery- The worries about how your body measures up to the next person diminish when covered up! This does not mean the gym is no longer necessary, but maintaining a svelte silhouette ensures each modest outfit is a hit! And as I shared in “Beauty in Decency” (, spoiler alerts usually are not preferred.

Mod Luxe 1

2.  Brilliant Beauty- Clothing communicates who you are to the world, and modest clothing can still communicate a keen sense of style! It is the perfect opportunity to slay and allow people to see you for who really are.

3. A Rare Find- A great benefit about knowing your personal style is there is minimal risk of looking like someone else. Trends are started by branching out and trying something new! #EMFashionista challenge: Think of a modest style or style blogger that you love and tag us! @exquisitemagazinenig @styleitkell

Mod Luxe 2

  • StyleItKell is an image consultant and runway coach who loves Jesus and helping people of all ages discover their personal style! For consultations and enquiries, contact Kell at


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